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Coming to the Vine in June is the fantastic Led Zeppelin experience presented by ‘Whole Lotta Zep’.

This show is sure to be a fun one with the band giving as an authentic show as possible.

Founded in 2012 , Whole Lotta Zep consists of four likeminded musicians with a passion for authenticity. Whole Lotta Zep pay particular attention to replicating a Led Zeppelin concert performance.
With the use of period correct instruments and equipment , every member treats their role with utmost respect. Whole Lotta Zep have consistently wowed audiences with their high energy and virtuosity. Take a trip back to the 1970’s with Whole Lotta Zep , the only band that gets the Led out!
George – guitars | Brendan – bass + keys | Matty – vocals | Sash – drums
Tickets are on sale NOW! Don’t miss out on this one!
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