Symphony Of Shadows Tour

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Symphony Of the Shadows

Prepare for a night of enchanting symphonic metal as five extraordinary bands from Queensland and Victoria unite to create a show that will transport you to a realm of epic melodies and powerful performances! Headlined by symphonic metal legends Victoria K this will not be a night to miss. Joining them are two other female fronted symphonic metal powerhouses Mezmik and ANA. For those who like their metal with a few less strings we have Die In A dream the local Bendigo boys and Groove metal band Awaken The hate rounding out the bill.

Victoria K

As the night reaches its crescendo, Victoria K will close out the show with a grand finale that will have you on your feet, swept away by the symphonic metal magic that has defined this unforgettable night of Down Under Symphonic Metal Fusion!

Emerging from the sepulchral mists and haunted landscapes of ancient myth, Victoria K cast a lengthening shadow over Australia and beyond. This five-piece lead the Australian Gothic Metal charge with soaring vocals, expansive melodies, and bombastic songwriting that draws on the resonance of the oldest tales and fresh emotion. Victoria K first came to the notice of listeners with their single ‘Lacuna,’ which was distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Warner Music Group (Australia) and was an early taste of things to come with their debut album, Essentia. Soon after the release of the 2019 single ‘Lacuna’ ahead of the band’s first album, Victoria K were invited to support Swiss Folk Metal legends Eluveitie at Melbourne’s Croxton Bandroom. Though this was Victoria K’s first live outing, they took the crowd by storm and left them chanting for more. This entry into the live scene set the stage for the release of Essentia perfectly. The diversity of music across the Essentia album is showcased across the four single/video releases – ‘Lacuna,’ ‘Forsaken,’ ‘The Haunting’ and ‘Matrix.’ While ‘Forsaken’ reaches into the darker corners of Victoria K’s musical palette, ‘Matrix’ by contrast is a fast and uplifting song guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of symphonic metal talent as these five incredible bands come together to take you on a musical journey like no other!

Die In a Dream

With influences spanning ambient to metal, Die In A Dream’s sound is characterised by light/dark, quiet/loud dynamics with a uniquely melodic signature.


Queensland finalists of the Wacken metal competition Mezmik hailing from Brisbane also recently supported Blind Guardian at the princess Theatre. A symphonic groove metal powerhouse! Drawing influences from alternative metal, Swedish melodic death metal and European symphonic metal. Chunky 7 string, pumping bass, blistering double kicks, catchy vocal hooks with and orchestral twist is what they are all about.


Ana will then take the stage, continuing the symphonic journey with their powerful performance and intricate compositions that will leave you spellbound and craving for more of their unique symphonic metal sound. ANA are a female fronted symphonic metal band, formed January 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Ana Khristenko (Vocals), Josh Mak (Guitar), Tory Giamba (Bass), Cleveland Beckford Gonzalez (Drums), and Matt Williamson (Keys). Their musical style is an eclectic blend of various genres and influences, culminating together in a suspenseful, mysterious, soulful, and rocking. Their songs are personal. Their songs are ours.

Awaken the hate

Following suit, Awaken the Hate (QLD) will take the stage with their raw energy and intense presence, Awaken The Hate, a powerhouse metal ensemble hailing from Brisbane, emerges from the shadows with relentless intensity. Their music, a fusion of searing riffs and thunderous rhythms, serves as a sonic rebellion against the mundane. United by a common passion for authenticity, they channel the collective frustrations of the modern era into a cathartic and visceral musical experience.

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